Weddings At Sea – Yacht Weddings – Los Angeles, CA

Your premier choice for weddings at sea, corporate events, special events, seminars and more!. We are located in Los Anglees and serve all of Southern California.

What better venue to have one of your most romantic days than a privately owned luxury yacht?

What better place to have your wedding than on the waters of beautiful, sunny Los Anglees, CA?

Weddings at Sea, or as they sometimes are referred to “Yacht Weddings”, hold a magical and romantic quality like no other.

Romantic sunsets, sparkling waters, warm afternoon breezes. Los Anglees, California,
offers all these and so much more.

Today’s bride and groom often want their guests to have a memorable experience of their wedding.

These privately owned yachts reflect a personal statement of an appreciation of elegance.

Your guests not only will join you in celebrating your union, but will enjoy all the beautiful Southern California weather and scenery that Los Anglees has to offer, in a setting almost reminiscent of a fairytale wedding.

Our caterers offer a full menu to choose from, or if you prefer you may choose a caterer you already know.

Floral and decorative trimmings are available to suit every taste and budget.

Your coordinator will assist you in every way, from scheduling you appointment to view the yachts, to recommending caterers, DJs, photographers, florists, right down to picking someone to officiate.

All the weddings at sea have a full-time wedding coordinator aboard to insure that your wedding and reception flow smoothly.

Southern California Yacht Charter Brokers has the experience to ensure, that your wedding at sea will be not only your most romantic day, but your most enjoyable one as well!

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